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Services in Western Canada.


Y E A R S  O F  E X P E R I E N C E

A B O U T  U S

Garrett Contracting Ltd. 

Welcome to our home on the web.  At Garrett Contracting Ltd. we provide a comprehensive range of services specializing in excavation and earthworks operations for commercial and residential development projects within the Calgary and surrounding area. Our growing fleet of machinery is operated by skilled professionals with a proven track record, who pride themselves on delivering the highest level of service, quality and safety. ​

Read on to find out why we’re the excavation company Calgary residents & developers trust to safely complete their projects on-time and on-budget. 

Excavating Services

At Garrett Contracting Ltd. we provide a range of excavating services for commercial and residential projects in Calgary and the surrounding area.


O U R  P R O M I S E  T O  Y O U 

We take pride in our work, quality is what we provide

At Garrett Contracting Ltd. we're grateful for the relationships that we have with our employees and our clients. We're a tight-knit family that not only works together, but also plays together.

T R U S T  is an important quality within our company, and we're committed to ensuring it continues to remain front and center of our company culture. Most of our work comes from a loyal group of repeat customers and referrals. This is a testament to the respect and trust that are essential elements in all our business transactions.

E X C E L L E N C E  is what we strive for on every project. Our extensive heavy-equipment experience far exceeds the years that we’ve been operating as Garrett Contracting Ltd and is a major reason for our success.

F A M I L Y  is what started this company, and our family has been instrumental in growing it. We started as a small family-owned and operated business, and we’ve slowly and steadily built up our client base over the past 11 years in Calgary. Clients and partners have become like a part of the family too – and we would go to bat for all of them.

I N T E G R I T Y  is the name of the game for us. We trust in the cowboy code of ethics, and although contracts are an unavoidable part of business these days, we still believe in the power of a handshake. When we say we’re going to do something, we hold ourselves to that and deliver, and we expect this from our clients as well.

M I S S I O N  Statement 

Innovative, detail-oriented, safety conscious excavating company dedicated to completing your project on schedule and on budget while striving to foster long-term trusting client relationships.

C O M P A N Y  Values 

At Garrett Contracting Ltd. we're thankful for the relationships that we have with our employees and clients. We believe in working together to maintain stable growth and integrity while steadily diversifying the company project portfolio to deliver high quality services that our clients deserve.

S A F E T Y  Culture 

At Garrett Contracting Ltd. we have taken a strong stance to safety. We have created and implemented an everyday safety culture that you can count on.  Our goal is to have every project executed and completed carefully with every attention to safety.

I N S U R A N C E  Coverage 

We are a fully licensed operation holding current WCB and insurance coverage.

W E   S E R V I C E D  T H A T 

Are you ready to start your next project?

As a SECOR-certified company, we have the safety culture, training and capability to complete your excavating projects safely and on-time.

We know there are many excavating companies to choose from for your project – let us show you why we're the preferred excavation contractor Calgary developers and builders depend on.


Drop us a line.

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