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Material Hauling + 

Landscaping Rock

START-TO-FINISH 100% Guarantee

Garrett Contracting Ltd. offers affordable material hauling and beautiful landscaping rock materials for your next project. We specialize in sourcing authentic Kootenay Rustic boulders, but can also provide an array of drain rock, crush, gravel, sand, and fill delivered straight to your site and placed + compacted to your specifications.

Whether you require simple dirt and material hauling, compaction, or larger boulders to complete your yard or commercial property, we can help. Take the guesswork and stress out of your next project and give us a call today. We've got you!


Whatever earthworks or landscaping project you're working on, Garrett Contracting can help. As a SECOR-certified company, we have the safety culture, training and capability to complete your residential or commercial projects safely and on-time.

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Our Services

At Garrett Contracting Ltd. we provide a comprehensive range of excavating services for commercial and residential projects in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our excavation services include, but are not limited to:


Trenching is exactly what it sounds like - the process of digging trenches for underground utilities. It's one of the most common types of excavation projects, however it’s also one of the most hazardous if you’re inexperienced. We recommend hiring a professional excavation company to perform trenching services and uncover underground utilities. Learn more about trenching services we offer here.



One of the main services we provide is excavating footings, frost walls, grade beams, and foundations. As any builder can attest, it's imperative that your excavation contractor meets the compaction and elevation specs for a new build. We work with you to ensure everything is up to expectations. We also offer drain-tile installation and repair as required. Learn more about our residential excavating services here.


A retaining wall is an essential structural component to your yard or acreage. They've become one of our favorite types of projects because it makes such a difference to a property. We can work with a wide variety of building materials to build your retaining wall. The result will be both beautiful and functional. Call us today to get a free quote!


We offer professional demolition services for commercial and residential properties. Whether your project involves demolishing an existing home or removing a building, our experienced team is ready to assist and we have the equipment and expertise to take it down and move it out safely.


Proper site clearing is an important step in any construction project, from home-building to parking lot-paving. Our team at Garrett Contracting can advise you and guide you from permitting to final inspection, and we will ensure that your building site is cleared correctly for an optimal building foundation.


Our team has extensive experience and the equipment necessary to help with any water damage issue you may have, and we are available on short notice and in emergency situations. If you have or suspect water damage or flooding issues due to exterior elements, contact us right away.


Our company is dedicated to maintaining the highest environmental standards. We work on many projects that involve environmental remediation or management - from constructing settling and tailings ponds for industrial purposes, to restoring contaminated soil after toxin leaks or spills, to deactivating forestry service roads.

If you're in need of environmental management services in or around Calgary, contact us and we'll work with industry professionals to ensure that you're meeting or exceeding all industry and government regulations.


Alberta winters can be severe and unpredictable, and we’ve earned a solid reputation for snow removal in Calgary due to the quality of our work and the reliability of our team. 

We have the resources to effectively handle any parking lot maintenance job, from snow plowing and removal in the winters to street and sidewalk sweeping in the spring and summers.

We’ll keep your parking lot free of snow and safe for your clients and yourself all year-round.

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