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 EARTHWORKS for generations

EARTHWORKS for Generations

Current President and Owner, Lucas Garrett, eagerly started his own one-man operation from the ground up in 2012 (Garrett Contracting Ltd.). Since then, Garrett Contracting has grown immensely and now employs a small team of skilled and experienced operators. 

As a third-generation heavy-equipment operator and business owner, Lucas says that he owes most of his success to his family and his roots. 

"I acquired my skills to operate heavy-machinery at a very young age. I watched my dad operate and work hard for a living and when it came to running a company I listened to my business-savvy mother. They taught me about honesty, integrity and reliability; and the importance of being a person of my word, providing quality work, and paying attention to the details." 

It's important to Lucas that these family values continue to be integrated into every job and every relationship.

 DEVELOPING OUR PEOPLE  Growing our Business

It’s important to us that you can count on all our operators, and not just Lucas, to provide you with general excavating services you can count on. Our fleet of machinery is operated by a small team of skilled professionals with a proven track record. Your project is as important to us as it is to you. As such, we hire operators who have demonstrated experience and skill while running heavy equipment, and we provide additional supervised training on the job.

With over 20 years of heavy-equipment industry background, Garrett Contracting Ltd. has established a solid foundation and exceptional track record as a Calgary excavating company. We've successfully completed major projects and built ongoing and trusted relationships with our clients, engineers, and subcontractors.

You can trust Garrett Contracting Ltd. for fair pricing, project quality, attention to detail, exceptional industry knowledge and above all else, safety. 

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